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Important Upcoming Changes to The Nimbus Ecosystem

We're excited to announce our latest developments. The Swap 2.0 upgrade is reshaping our ecosystem, prioritizing sustainability and growth.

3 days ago

Nimbus Swap 2.0: New Security Features and Rewards For Liquidity Providers

We’re beginning the first steps of our Nimbus Swap 2.0 update by launching two new features that will arrive in August! 

59 days ago

Can Crypto and Fiat Co-Exist? Nimbus CEO, Patricio Pozzi Answers

In this article, we have a sit down with Nimbus CEO Patricio Pozzi to discuss bridging crypto and fiat together. Crypto is at a pivotal moment in history where the MiCA regulation just got approved, regulatory uncertainty exists in other parts of the world, and new crypto technology is coming out of the woodwork.

120 days ago

How To Survive a Bear Market

Bear markets are a natural part of crypto, just as rain is with the weather. And funny enough, you should approach them the same. With rain, the goal is not to get wet. With a bear market, it's not to fail.

154 days ago

Nimbus Smart NFTs: The Blockchain Financial Derivative Revolutionizing How NFTs Are Used

The world initially saw NFTs as cool-looking, overpriced images. The decentralized gaming industry explored NFTs as in-game economies.

156 days ago

The MENA Region as a Future Crypto Paradise and Why Nimbus Is Establishing Business There

Our world is becoming more digitized, leading to much attention in cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi). But, one place in the world showing promising signs of a cryptocurrency wonderland is the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

156 days ago