Swap Guide


Swap Guide

Description Nimbus Swap is a tool that enables users to exchange their tokens, as well as acquire NIMB (recently launched utility token of the Nimbus platform) or GNIMB (recently launched governance token of the Nimbus platform).

The amount of various tokens that is being swapped through the Platform is stored in the pool. It is regularly replenished by Liquidity Providers. All users are incentivized to add liquidity to the pool through the “Pool” section of the Platform. This lets them receive rewards from all swap transactions that were made within the added pair(s).

It is also worth mentioning that Nimbus Affiliate Program 4.1 participants can also receive rewards (up to 0.15%) from swap transactions made by their referees at any level.


Step 1

Go to the Swap section of the main menu of the Platform.


Step 2

Choose the token that you’d like to swap.


Step 3

Pick the desired token out of those displayed on the pop-up page. Do the same action when choosing a token that you want to get in exchange. Later, we shall add more pairs.


Step 4

Once done, your wallet will ask for confirmation. The gas fee needs to be paid for the transaction. If you agree with the gas volume, confirm the transaction.


Step 6

Once confirmed, you will get back to the Platform and see that the transaction has been submitted.


Step 7

In order to see the transaction status, you can click on the View on BscScan button.

Try this functionality out and swap your tokens now