Staking Guide


Staking Guide

Description Staking is the process by which you transfer your tokens to blockchain maintenance in exchange for rewards. The reward amount is defined by the APR indicator which stands for the Annual Percentage Rate. 

The Nimbus Platform offers 2 types of Staking: Soft Staking (you can withdraw your deposits at any time) and Hard Staking (your tokens get locked for a certain period of time, meaning you can withdraw your assets once this period is over). 

Within each Staking type, you have several options to choose from and can stake either NIMB or GNIMB tokens. In both cases, rewards are accrued in NIMB tokens according to the selected APR.


Step 1

Go to the Token Staking section of the main menu of the Platform.


Step 2

Select the appropriate Staking option and click on the Approve button when adding tokens for the first time. Confirm the action in the wallet (the gas fee needs to be paid). Once done, click on the Add tokens button.


Step 3

Next, enter the amount of tokens you want to add to Staking.


Step 4

Once done, your wallet will ask for confirmation. The gas fee needs to be paid for the transaction. If you agree with the gas volume, confirm the transaction.


Step 5

Once confirmed, you will get back to the Platform and see that the transaction has been submitted.


Step 6

The tokens added to Staking will be displayed in the Token Staking section. Click on the Manage button and you will see more details.


Step 7

You can now add more tokens to the current Staking, claim accrued rewards or withdraw your assets (once the Staking period is over if you use the Hard Staking option).

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