Nimbus NFTs Guide


Nimbus NFTs Guide

Currently, Nimbus offers two different non-fungible tokens to its users: Smart LP NFT & Smart Staker NFT. This guide will help you discover all peculiarities of both of them.

Smart LP NFT is the first yield-generating NFT based on a financial strategy that leverages the Platform functionality. It simultaneously carries out the following operations in just one click:

  • Exchanging tokens via the Swap Machine thus boosting the native tokens’ growth and increasing the NFTs’ value

  • Adding issued LP tokens, which represent the users’ share of liquidity in the pool, to LP Staking at 20% APR. The supplied assets are equally distributed between the two pools: 50% - to the BNB/NIMB pool and 50% - to the BNB/GNIMB pool

Meanwhile, Smart Staker NFT is a derivative that is responsible for providing your assets tokens to various types of Staking, thus letting you receive higher rewards than if you were using them separately. It simultaneously carries out the following operations in just one click:

  • Adding 35% of your assets to the Platform´s NIMB Soft Staking (60% APR)

  • Adding 35% of your assets to the Platform´s GNIMB Soft Staking (60% APR)

Adding 30% of your assets to the CAKE/BNB LP Staking on PancakeSwap (up to 40% APR)


Go to the NFT section of the main menu of the Platform.


Choose of the two options available: you can issue Smart LP & Smart Staker NFT with either BNB or BUSD tokens.


Enter the amount of tokens you want to issue your NFT with and click on the Get NFT button. 


Once done, your wallet will ask for confirmation. The gas fee needs to be paid for the transaction. If you agree with the gas volume, confirm the transaction.


Once confirmed, you will get back to the Platform and see that the transaction has been submitted.


The issued NFT can be viewed in the NFT section of the Platform when clicking on the Back to my NFT list button, which you can see above the NFT options available.


You can now get your rewards (they accrue in real time in NIMB tokens) or burn your NFT.


To burn the NFT and receive your assets back, click on the More info button and then - on the Redeem NFT button. 

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