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Last update date: July 27, 2022

Nimbus Platform is looking for a Product Developer (middle), who can run thorough market research and Customer Development to understand users' pain-points, and find insights that can become the basis for a product/feature positioning — as well as help deliver these products in the most effective way, roadmap- and UX/UI-wise. He/she should also be able to improve the existing product metrics by running tests and assisting the Tech & UX/UI team and help the marketing team be more effective at their communications with users and promo campaigns by providing relevant product insights.

  • Your key goal is to enhance the user retention and improve the key product metrics in collaboration with the tech, analytics, and marketing team. While the latter owns the top of the funnel metrics (conversions, ER and so on in the promo/communication activities), you own the product metrics and provide the inputs regarding the product positioning so that these communication activities could be more efficient
  • Work closely with the Tech and Analytics Teams to ensure each product/feature is competitive & marketable before we decide to start developing it. Work closely with the Analysts, Product Owner, CTO, programmers, designers, UI/UX developers and UX writer at and prior to the stage of product development and deployment to ensure each product/feature is competitive & marketable before we decide to start developing it
  • Work out the product UVPs and positioning and produce clear & timely product documentation (business case, user stories etc) that the Marketing department could use to build effective communication and promo activities
  • Bring in the marketing perspective (TA needs & user requests) to help prioritize our development pipeline & roadmap (WSJF)
  • Run market research (TAM-SAM-SOM, competitive analysis, regulations, trends, etc) for existing products/features and products/features under development, for the purpose of product positioning development and/or insights on products' development
  • Developing, organizing, and running qualitative and quantitative checks of JTBD. MVP development and testing, if necessary
  • Control that the resulting CJM and interfaces are in line with the product positioning
  • Help develop and track the system of product metrics through appropriate dashboards
  • Deliver & test hypotheses on product/interface improvement together with UX/UI & marketing team
  • 2-3 years of proven experience as a product/customer developer (or a similar role) in an IT/SaaS/Fintech company/startup; portfolio of product development cases hypothesis -> MVP
  • Good knowledge and experience in applying necessary techniques and tools: Customer Development (Proven experience in CustDev is a must), market research, hypothesis validation, MVP development, Agile/Scrum
  • Good knowledge of unit economics, SaaS product metrics and UX/UI design basics
  • Strong analytical mindset. Ability to get to the bottom of the task and analyse complex sets of data, hands-on experience of working with analytics systems
  • Fluent English is a must
  • Project management skills
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to collaborate with remote teams, presentation skills
  • Advanced user of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Jira, Trello, Figma, Miro (good to have)
  • Creativity: ability to offer and justify effectiveness of non-standard solutions/ideas
  • Understanding budgeting rules, investment appraisal, product P&L (good to have)
  • Experience/understanding of Crypto/DeFi markets (good to have)
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