Product Marketing Manager

Last update date: January 10, 2022

Brief role description

We are looking for an experienced Product Marketing Manager who can easily:

  • Find users' pain-points and market insights that could become the basis for a highly competitive product
  • Assist the UX/UI team in improving the user experience within the Platform
  • Help the marketing team be more effective in their activities by providing relevant product insights
Main responsibilities
  • to enhance user retention and improve key product metrics in collaboration with the tech, analytics, and marketing team
  • to ensure each product and/or feature is competitive & marketable before we even decide to start developing it
  • to work out the product UVPs and positioning and produce clear and timely product documentation (business case, user stories etc)
  • to run market research (TAM-SAM-SOM, competitive analysis, regulations, trends, etc) and CustDev to find new product and feature concepts with a high potential
  • to develop, organize, and run qualitative and quantitative checks of JTBD.
  • assist with MVP development and testing, if necessary
  • At least 3 years of proven work experience in a similar position in an IT/SaaS/Fintech company/startup; portfolio of product development cases hypothesis
  • Good knowledge and experience in applying necessary techniques and tools: Customer Development, market research, hypothesis validation, MVP development, Agile/Scrum, SaaS product metrics, and UX/UI design basics
  • Strong analytical mindset
  • Fluent English (C1) is a must, Russian is good to have
  • Project management skills, excellent communication skills, creativity
  • Experience and/or understanding of Crypto and DeFi markets (goot to have)
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