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Nimbus Platform Prime Brokerage Services

Nimbus Platform Prime Brokerage is an institutional and private client offering which seeks to meet the trading and capital needs of clients with providing absolute returns to the clients. There are a number of activities that take place under the Nimbus Prime Brokerage. Prime Brokerage is closed to retail and non-KYC users.

Prime Brokerage is a first of many steps of capital integration and tradition investment banking tools and products with Nimbus Platform using digital assets.

Institutional services

Nimbus Platform offers a specialized products for private and institutional clients. The qualification element of private and institutional clients is meeting the self-declaration certification of accredited investor, in the European Union, and the United States.

The minimum entry point for providing liquidity is 100,000 BUSD to mint a CONSOLO NFT!

Once NFT is minted, the deposited asset is distributed among several Nimbus Platform functionalities: Nimbus Soft Staking, Nimbus LP Staking, Smart Staker NFT, and the Lending dApp.

The assets deposited into NFT CONSOLO are distributed according to the following strategy
NFT consolo graph
Terms and Conditions
  • The minimum amount of liquidity delivered is 100,000 BUSD
  • Nimbus platform takes BUSD token, and the user gets an NFT token
  • 3,5% technical and administrative fee from the nominal amount offer at the date of funds placement
  • The default CONSOLO lockup period is 90 days
  • On the 5th day of each month, the owner of the NFT receives a CONSOLO performance report- detailed information on the number of rewards in the NFT and the tokens they are accumulated in
  • At the end of 90 days, if the CONSOLO owner decides not to extend the lock period, Nimbus Platform burns the NFT, takes out the liquidity and exchanges all tokens for BUSD
  • The owner of the NFT receives the delivered liquidity, rewards and a premium of 10% of the final amount of BUSD tokens after CONSOLO is burned